What is truegold?

The truegold smart contract is a blockchain utility token based on the ERC20 Ethereum protocol. The token is the digital representation of the real world contract its owner signs to purchase a 1+ swiss bullion 1 ounce 999.9/1000 AU coin and its secure storage service in a Swiss vault. Think of it like the token you receive when you check your coat at the theatre. It represents the storage contract you entered into with the concierge.

truegold is truly Swiss
  • Helvetic Blockchain Management is domiciled in Switzerland
  • The producer of the coin, swiss bullion corp, is domiciled in Switzerland
  • The secure storage service is domiciled in Switzerland
  • The coin was designed by Swiss artist Roger Pfund
  • The coins are minted in Switzerland
How to Install Metamask E-Wallet
How to add truegold token in E-Wallet
truegold and you
When you purchase the token you have the following choice:
As owner of the token you can:
About the Coin
The 1+ swiss bullion coin weighs in at 1 ounce 999.9/1000 AU fineness. The coin showcases a superb design by renown Swiss artist Roger Pfund. The coin uses micro letter engraving technique that allows for authentication of each coin simply by scanning the engraved and encrypted Aztec code with the CortexScan App to match it with the digital certificate of origin stored in the 1+ database. This security feature is a significant leap forward in the prevention of counterfeiting.
About Us
Helvetic Blockchain Management SARL (HBM) is a Swiss corporation established in 2017 providing consulting services, specializing in the field of blockchain and crypto fintech. The team has more than 50 years of experience in the financial industry. With the truegold product, HBM connects a Swiss producer of physical gold and Swiss-based secure storage with investors who seek a simple way to store a physical asset in a safe manner.

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